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Wire Line Trolling for Flounder. In a few areas of the Mid Atlantic, anglers troll with wire line or other specialty lines for catching flounder and other species. Although this technique requires specialized outfits and heavy tackle, the results can be dramatic. 16/08/2019 · Either trolling or drifting, I free spool when I get a strike on a large bait. Sometimes up to a quarter of the spool if moving fast. Just be sure to be tight when you set the hook. Any bow in line from trolling or current will prevent a good hook set. Watch some of John Skinner's underwater videos on Youtube of flounder bites. Flounder trolling is a real popular way to catch flounder in the seaside bays. we tried it with a lot of sucess this year, especially at the times when the tides go slack, there were times when the trollers were outcatching the drift fisherman by a substantial margin,!!,in other words we watched the trollers outcatch us 2-1 so we started. 08/08/2019 · We spoke with some of the best flounder fishing experts around to find out their tips on how to catch flounder. Fishing for flounder isn't rocket science, but it's better to go into it knowing a few tricks and techniques if it can give you an edge out on the water. This rig can also be used for slow trolling on sandy smooth bottoms. Flounder fishing tips for fishing over grassy areas or a sparsely debris covered bottom which might cause a bottom fishing rig to get hung up include using a 1 to 2 ounce jig tipped with live lip hooked minnow or tail hooked shrimp.

Best Fluke or Flounder Fishing Lures, Baits, Rigs, and Tips Captain Cody Wabiszewski October 14, 2019 March 29, 2019 Fluke also called summer flounder are a very fun fish to catch all summer long in the bays of New Jersey and along the east coast. Flounder Fishing Rigs for Shore Casting. Fortunately you don't need to cast far to catch flounders - it's easy fishing. An incoming tide the first three hours are best, shallow water and a worm or crab baited hook and you chances of catch a flounder or two are good.

03/11/2016 · And do you want to increase the number of flounder you catch on artificial lures each year? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, then this article is for you. But before I reveal the three tips, let’s start with the most critical piece of flounder fishing first. The most critical piece of the puzzle is RESEARCH. Yep, research. “I’m not that big a believer in tidal influence,” says Cutting. “Flounder like clean, salty water and structure near an inlet. They gravitate to wherever the ocean feeds into marshes, jetties, docks and riprap.” Cutting utilizes his trolling motor frequently to cover water.

Wherever along the Chesapeake Bay your fishing grounds are located, one thing is for sure: catching flounder in the Bay is a ton of fun. Some years you’ll encounter plenty of these flat-fish as far north as Eastern bay, and others the best bite is from Solomons south. In most states, gigging is a legal method for taking flounder or fluke. Usually done at night, it is more for the adventurous angler, but any of you can go gigging and and come home with some great table fare!

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